Mock Documentary / In Production

When an international soccer star is sent to work with the a kids team in Newhaven, East Sussex, the locals get way more than they bargained for...

'Newhaven Regeneration Group (NRG) commissions Newhaven Comedy Series for Amazon Prime'

Every Coastal Community should have its own independent film company showing off its purpose, potential and people. Newhaven in Sussex has been chosen as the first place that comedy series “Seaside Town - Newhaven” will be filmed this summer.

Filmmaker and writer Warren Dudley (The Bromley Boys / Cage) has teamed up with the Newhaven Regeneration Group (NRG). Part of the production will be to invite local people to get involved in the production and then be aired at a special premiere in the town and available to download on outlets such as Amazon Prime. Production of the 6x10 minute series is due to start in August 2018.

Warren Dudley said “Having seen the impact of the Bromley Boys on the local area in Kent, I thought it would be great to bring some of that magic back to my home town”